How To Survive A Long-Distance Relationship

Imagine this: you feel like you've found your soulmate, and you're madly in love with them. Every day with them is lovely, and the relationship is going wonderfully. You two go on romantic dates, are super attracted to one another, treat each other with kindness, and genuinely make each other happy. Then, your partner tells you that their boss suddenly wants to promote them, which will result in transferring to another state. You love your job and have to stay for now. What should you lovebirds do?

If you find yourself in this situation, try not to panic. Long-distance relationships can still be enjoyable so long as you and your partner trust each other and communicate well (via Verywell Mind). Of course, long distance relationships have challenges, such as not allowing partners to kiss or touch each other and extra difficulties when communicating (via Couples Coaching Online). Plus, not seeing your partner in person could make you start to get bored in your relationship. However, you shouldn't let the idea of these challenges scare you. After all, most relationships aren't perfect, whether they're long-distance or not. If you decide not to give up and try a long-distance relationship, there are some tips anyone can follow to make it easier.

How to make your relationship work

Communication is crucial for any relationship, whether that be a friendship or a romantic relationship; you'll especially need to consistently communicate with your partner if your relationship has that extra distance. It can be easy to misunderstand what someone is trying to tell you when you're communicating through texts. Thus, Pysch Central adds that you should try to have more serious or deep conversations over the phone or video chat rather than text to avoid miscommunications. Moreover, you should avoid saying anything impulsive if a misunderstanding occurs.

Additionally, you and your partner should take the time to make each other feel loved in the morning and before bedtime, and send one another presents as cute reminders that you're thinking of each other (via Brides). If you miss the spicy aspects of your relationship, talk about adding some excitement to the distance through sending sexual messages or having phone sex.

Chances are, your long-distance relationship will take some getting used to, but following these tips should help keep the romance alive.